Guide to Short-Term Storage While Between Homes

This is your guide to Short-Term Storage while between homes

So, you’re moving soon. How exciting! While there’s plenty to look forward to in the near future, while leaving one home to go to a new home can be a bit stressful. Along with finding temporary housing, a self storage property may be your best option for temporarily store your belongings. For that, a short-term storage option like self storage at A1 Mini Storage at 2270 Old Russellville Pike, Clarksville TN 37040 is the perfect solution. Here are some tips to ensure you get the best storage solution for your needs!

Find storage near you

During a temporary living situation, there’s always the chance that you’ll need something that you put in storage. Because of this, renting a storage unit that’s easily accessible is important. If you are close to Wilma Rudolph in Clarksville, you may find out facility convenient. Old Russellville Pike is off of Wilma Rudolph.

You will need to assess your belongings

As you consider storing your belongings, one of the things you’ll need to figure out is how much space you need. The staff at A1 Mini Storage at 2270 Old Russellville Pike is trained to help with just this. Notice the chart below to help with deciding what size unit you are going to need. Call us at 931.542.5000 to have someone help you decide which will work best for you. All the help you can get to make the process easier. At A1 Mini Storage there are no inconvenient hours of operation because you have 24/7 access using your own personal code.

Drive-Up Access

If you’re storing mostly durable items and prefer the ability to pull your vehicle directly up to your storage unit, a drive-up access storage unit is an incredibly convenient option. Not to mention, they’ll save you the hassle of carrying heavy, bulky items long distances! And it’s not as expensive as climate control storage. Drive up access is all that is offered at A1 Mini Storage located at 2270 Old Russellville Pike, Clarksville TN 37040

Climate-Controlled Storage

Even if you just need short-term storage, it’s important to consider the belongings you have and how they’ll hold up if exposed to extreme high or low temperatures. Especially when storing things like electronics, family photos, artwork, or even wooden furniture, climate-controlled storage will help to make sure your belongings are in great condition when you’re ready to move into your permanent living space.

Secure storage

Knowing your belongings are in good hands matters. When looking for self storage, security measures like video surveillance, electronic gate access that requires a personalized code, are great things to keep an eye out for.

Protect your furniture

When storing furniture, including couches and mattresses, it’s highly recommended to take extra precautions to protect them while in storage. Couch and mattress covers are great ways to protect these large, expensive items from any damage while in storage.

Whether you’re building a house, moving to a new city, or between homes, A1 Mini Storage is here to make the transition easier! With a broad range of storage unit sizes and amenities, and incredible customer service, you can trust us with your belongings until you get somewhere more permanent.

Strategically organize your storage unit

After you decide on a location, storage unit size, and the amenities you want, it’s important to think strategically about how your storage unit should be organized. Remember the larger units at A1 Mini Storage come with 2 doors, one on either end. If you know you’re going to need access to certain belongings while living between homes, those items should be near the of the storage unit and shouldn’t be buried under a pile of other boxes.