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Northgate Self Storage…Your Spring Cleaning Solution

What is up with Spring this year? Hot one day, snow flurries the next. Argh, will it ever end? Seriously, I want to plant some flowers, go to a garage sale, put my coat in storage until the end of the year and yes, I am even looking forward to the dreaded but satisfying ritual referred to as “Spring Cleaning”. But have no fear because by using the mini storage units at Northgate Self Storage in Jackson, TN, you can get through this tedious chore in a breeze and relish the new found space in your home.

How Does a Mini Self Storage Unit Help With Spring Cleaning

  • Clothing Storage: When you look into your closet each morning is it a pain sorting through the clothes squished together on the rack just to find something to wear? All those nice short sleeved shirts, shorts and miniskirts get lost in a sea of wool sweaters, flannel checked shirts and heavy pants. Wouldn’t it be nice if they weren’t in there? Here’s an idea, go find some storage bins or boxes and place your out-of-season clothes neatly folded in the bin. Next, drive them over to Northgate Self Storage where you can put them in your self storage mini unit and not have to look at them again until the weather actually warrants it (about 7 months from now).
  • Organize and Love Your Clutter-Free Home: Are pine scented candles still burning in your home? Does your welcome mat have a picture of Santa on it? Is your bookcase full of dusty books you never open? Maybe it is time to consider decluttering your home. Think how refreshing it would be to replace those winter smelling candles with a nice bouquet of flowers or maybe liven up the bookcase with some fun, bright colored, framed photos taken during last Summer’s vacation. And what about that welcome mat? Don’t you think one with flowers or a sunshine would be more welcoming this time of year? I’m thinking it’s time for you to store some belongings in your self-storage unit and honor the current season. Pretty sure you would feel better. Just sayin’. Besides, it isn’t like you are saying goodbye forever. You can go pick them up in about 7 months from now at your mini self storage unit.

  • Yard Sale Time: Have you held a garage sale before? If so, you know the most difficult part is preparing for it. Months in advance you begin collecting belongings you no longer want or need and set them aside in the garage until you have enough to warrant having a yard sale at all. Then the items sit there even longer while you wait for a decent, non-rainy weekend to have the yard sale. In the meantime, your car sits outside because it won’t fit in the garage…what an inconvenience. Northgate Self Storage in Jackson, TN is the solution. Simply rent a mini self-storage unit and store your belongings there that you either want to get rid of or you want to store for another season.

So what it comes down to is this…whether you need to store a few unwanted items for the perfect garage sale date or store other belongings until the correct season to use them again has rolled around , Northgate Self Storage in Jackson, TN is the answer to having a perfectly decluttered home. And remember, a variety of sizes are available; from closet size to the size of a three bedroom home, they have you covered. So happy Spring Cleaning Jackson!



Northgate Self Storage…Highly Praised

Q. Whether you are searching for a Science tutor for your school aged son, a vet for your beloved dog, a hotel to stay at during vacation or even a contractor to build a new deck for your home, what do you do?

A. You ask for referrals and do your checking to be sure everything is on the up and up.

So wouldn’t you take the time to do the same due diligence if you were in need of  storing your belongings at a storage facility? Yes, I believe you would. You want to be sure you find a mini storage business that has the size unit you need. You want one that offers convenient drive up access to your unit so it is a breeze to unload your belongings. And most importantly, you want a place where your belongings will be safe from vandals. You’ve worked hard for your possessions so whether you are storing some furniture you just inherited, moving soon and need to store your belongings for a bit or you are just trying to declutter your home, you will want to rent from the best mini storage business you can find.

Imagine the dilemmas you could encounter if you didn’t do your homework first. Your unit could get broken into because the place you rented from didn’t have the best security. You could be given a storage unit accessible only by a flight of stairs and have to lug your heavy items all the way up there (wow that antique armoire is heavy). Or you could even get a mini storage unit that gets a wet floor when it rains thus ruining your stored items. The scenarios go on and on.

Now think how happy you will be when you find out about the great storage units you can rent because you did your homework. You could find a gem of a business like Northgate Self Storage in Jackson, TN whose service is unprecedented and highly praised, who offers several sizes of storage units to suit whatever your individual needs may be, and whose security goes above and beyond… well lit, fenced, security cameras, personal key code gate entry. Wouldn’t you choose to entrust your belongings with that mini storage company over another one? I know I would.

While reading through numerous comments and reviews for Jackson, Tennessee’s Northgate Self Storage, I noticed all the 5 star ratings it has been given along with words like these:


  • Most helpful
  • Friendly
  • Outstanding service
  • Highly recommended
  • Great value
  • Knowledgeable
  • Top notch security


I bet I know what you’re thinking right now..wow this place sounds great. This sound like a place that has earned the respect of their customers, their town and others in the mini storage industry.

Northgate Self Storage is THE storage company to call for all your storage needs. Whether it is a few plastic tubs full of paperwork or even a boat…no problem. Whether you need access to your storage unit at 10am or at Midnight, no problem…just use the 24 hour access gate with your personal code. Plus, safety always comes first at Northgate.

So the next time you have the need for a self storage unit, remember to do your homework. Then drive straight to Northgate Self Storage in Jackson, TN or give them a ring. You won’t regret it.

Northgate Self Storage in Jackson, TN  731-664-3938




Northgate Self Storage…The Solution to Your Moving Dilemma

Okay, how about you picture yourself in one of these storylines:

  1. You rent an apartment and want to move. You found a new one available that you like but can’t move in until a few days after your current lease is up. If you stay past the lease date, the rental agency will charge you hefty fines. You decide to stay in a hotel a couple nights but wonder what you should do with all your belongings.
  2. Almost the same scenario as above, but you have sold your home, the new owners are moving in right away and the owners of the abode you bought won’t be completely moved out for a couple days. Once again, what do you do with your things?

The answer to both of those storylines is the same…get in touch with Northgate Self Storage in Jackson, TN at 731-664-3938

Northgate Self Storage Storage is the perfect solution to your moving problems. They offer various storage unit sizes ranging anywhere from 5×5 which will hold a small closet or about 50 file boxes, all the way up to a 12×40 unit which is large enough to store a three bedroom home, a car or it can even be used as a small business warehouse. Whatever size you are needing, they have got you covered. So rent the size you need and sleep tight knowing your belongings are in a safe, dry, secure,well lit, fenced place with 24 hour surveillance while you await your moving day.

Okay, so how do I move all my things to the unit, you wonder? Once again, Northgate Self Storage is the answer to your problem. Besides self storage units, they also sell boxes and other moving supplies, they offer moving help and they are affiliated with U-Haul which means load your belongings up into the truck and unload them directly into your storage unit which has convenient drive up access. Then simply return the U-Haul right there at Northgate storage and be on your merry way. No need to drive all over town looking for the U-Haul facility…just leave your truck with Northgate Self Storage and they will take care of the rest.

They also offer Affordable Portable Storage…the first of its kind in the Jackson, TN area. Visit their website at www.myaffordableportable.com to learn more about this amazing service. The 10×8 units are deliverable in the Jackson area and made of secure steel construction.

Next step, you are ecstatic; moving day has finally arrived and you are ready to get moving into your new place…but the office isn’t open yet because it is so early. Not a problem! Northgate Self Storage in Jackson has 24 hour access through a keypad entry so if you are that motivated, you can get up and start moving your belongings out of your storage unit in the middle of the night (yes, the place is lit).

What it comes down to is this, if you are in a moving predicament and don’t know where to store your things, go see the nice folks at Northgate Self Storage. They are one of the best storage properties in Jackson, TN and their aim is provide you with a first class storage experience.



Office Space at a Self Storage Facility? Yes!

You know, I had never really thought of it before…most people probably haven’t, but Northgate Self Storage in Jackson, TN had a fantastic idea. Why just rent storage units; how about renting office space as well? Hmm, interesting concept.

Just think about it, numerous small businesses rent storage space to store various items they use like construction tools, cabling material, the over abundance of stuff they purchased in bulk at the store, small machinery, etc. (Trust me, I know, my husband owns a business and I said rent a storage space for your business material because I would love to have our cars in the garage).

Anyway, that business is constantly driving over to the self storage facility to get in their unit. Would it not make more sense to have their office space their too? Just think of the convenience! Once again, Northgate Self Storage in Jackson had a fantastic idea when they built rental office suites. And their office rental spaces have a lot to offer too. Just check out these facts:

  • Various office space sizes are available and prices start as low as $350 per month. Seriously, short of working out of your home office, have you ever heard of rent that low? What a deal!
  • So how can you save so much money by renting office space from Northgate Self Storage? It’s simple. Usually you rent a larger space that comes with a kitchen, lounge area for greeting clients, conference room, etc. At Northgate Self Storage, those areas are shared with the other office suite tenants. So that means you share the cost with other businesses for those common areas, lowering the cost to rent your office substantially.
  • No need to worry about the amenities, Northgate Self Storage has you covered…vending machine, kitchenette, lounge area, waiting area, printer, copier machine, WiFi, open work space and the number one thing, coffee. Yes, the coffee machine is ready to percolate and keep you awake to do your important daily business.
  • Depending on your current needs and situation, office suites can be rented daily, monthly and even yearly…Northgate Self Storage will work with you and your needs.
  • As mentioned before, your office and your storage unit are all in the same area for your convenience.
  • A conference room is available for an extra fee for that spur of the moment sales pitch or your quarterly board meeting.

Okay I’ll stop because believe me, I could go on and on about how great it is that Northgate Self Storage offers office suite rentals. I gotta say, it was a great idea. Anyway, you should seriously consider checking out the space…I’m pretty sure you’ll fall in love with the area and the idea.

For more information, visit www.ngatestorage.com or call Northgate Self Storage at 731-664-3938. You can also visit them at 3308 N. Highland Ave., Jackson, TN 38305 and check out how great the space is for yourself. They are open seven days a week.



Jackson’s Northgate Self Storage Expanding Again

Seasons Greetings Jackson, TN! We at Northgate would like to take this moment to say thank you for your business in 2017 and thank you for allowing us to store your precious items in our safe, secure, well lit facility.

Business was great this past year; in fact, it was so great that Northgate Self Storage is expanding again…for the third time in three years! So what does this mean for you? Well here is what we are adding:

  • A third climate controlled building to keep all your items free from mold and mildew. Hey, with this weather, you never know…warm cold warm cold warm cold. It can wreak havoc on that antique dresser and Grandma’s handmade quilts you’re storing.
  • 50 additional parking spots for cars, boats and RVs. Did Santa bring you a convertible, boat or RV? Well unless you are heading way South this winter, I can’t see any boating, camping or letting your hair blow in the wind on a Sunday cruise for quite a few months. May as well store your new toys at Northgate so they don’t take up all the room in your driveway for months.

And hey, speaking of storing items for months on end, we have a great special going on right now. If you sign up for a six month contract, your sixth month is FREE…yep, FREE. Did I say FREE?!

To contact Northgate Self Storage in Jackson, please call 731-664-3938. And remember…we offer office suites too!


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